replace kinguser app with supersu

SuperSU is one of the world’s most popular tool for root apps. SuperSU allows advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. It’s very popular and well known in the international security field and it has a great influence.

If you rooted your Android smartphone with the Kingroot app, you’ll find kinguser app installed on your devices which also is a good superuser manager. But, do you know you can replace kinguser app with supersu? yes, you can replace it with the well known SuperSU.

How to remove and replace kinguser app with SuperSU

Using a small script made by MrWOLF,  we’ll be able to remove Chinese kinguser app, all related files and folders, and install SuperSU.


  • Terminal emulator >> Download from Google Playstore
  • Now you’ll need this file fies Download

Steps to remove and replace kinguser app with SuperSU

  • Extract the zip package to your SD card. You would see a folder  (mrw) containing four file
  • Now rum terminal emulator and type su, grant permission.
  • Now type  (sh /sdcard/mrw/ ,excluding the bracket.
  • Now sit back and wait a few seconds. After the process has succeeded, you should get a success message
  • Now your kingroot user app has been completely removed from your droid and replaced with SuperSU.
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That’s it, if you encounter any error, please drop a comment and we’ll get back to you Asap.


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