Pixel Launcher

Google’s nexus launcher in relation to its line of smartphones and tablets. As it will leave the Nexus and focus on creating a new line which is known as the Pixel. To follow these new smartphones Google also prepares a new software and including a new launcher. Yes, Google’s Nexus Launcher will change and even the name will be changed to Pixel Launcher.

Google’s Nexus Launcher Is Now Pixel Launcher – Apk Download

For some time it is known that Google will change much on their smartphones. The most certain is that the change of name to take that much is changed from the software to the accessories.

The first certainty is now available with the reach of another version, unofficially, its launcher. The change of image and functionality was already known, but everything pointed to that the name could be kept.

The truth is that it did not happen and the new launcher also changed its name. It is now known as Pixel Launcher as we told you earlier in this article and it is expected to arrive with the new smartphones, already in the next Month 4th of October.

What can be seen in this new version, if we analyse the changes then we could say that Google doesn’t make any major changes, yes, almost nothing has changed. The image is maintained which was already known, with the presence of a search at the top left corner and the app drawer is disappeared, which is now done with a swipe.

If you wish to download test this app, click on the link below.

Please Note: We are not the actual providers of these files(Pixel launcher) and even we cannot guarantee you that they are safe to install. As all these files come from here, @Llabtoofer. So, if you are still convinced to install then you can go for it and perform the installation process. But, let me clear one thing, if you fail to install or any error occurs during the installation process then we are not responsible for any damage. So, if any damage or error occurs only you will be responsible for that. Please do at your own risk.


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