Download the latest syphon shield and updated settings for unlimited streaming and download. Tweakware has being out for some time but has failed to deliver because of its frequently stopped issue when connected (forced closed) ,and this has been a major problem since the last update of tweakware . But now syphon shield can serve you even better.

 How do i go about the settings ?

  1. First Downloadthe latest syphon shield and install
  2. Goto to your phones APN and set the below settings  
  • APN : glosecure or glounlimitedzone
  • APN type : default and supl Proxy : leave blank Port : leave blank Save settings

Now launch syphon shield on your device and use the below settings on handler menu

  1. Filter : @ 
  2. port or non-port URL : 9201
  3. Remove port : Tick 
  4. Proxy type : Real host
  5. Proxy server :
  6. Real proxy server : inject or socks 
  7. Real proxy server : or portal
  8. Port : 8080
  9. Now Save Settings Select tunnel whole device when pop up
  10. Now for region use anyone of your choice but USA preferred.Don’t use connect through http proxy Now wait for a few seconds for it to connect .
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See screenshot below

    Note : it powers all apps and u can now enjoy unlimited browsing with Glo  unlimited.


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