queencee VPN

The only trick I use to enjoy Glo unstable, inconsistent but the long-lasting 0.0k cheat is Queencee VPN app. Queencee VPN handler provides a good stability even when network seems not to be very stable and it powers all apps which require a working data to operate on your smartphone. Also, you can share the Queencee VPN connection with your PC and always get PC updates.

How To Use Glo 0.0k  with Queencee VPN

Queencee VPN powers all apps with a better speed compared to Tweakware. Although one or two times the network might disconnect but, Queencee VPN is the best bet right now.
Download by clicking here. To share the connection with your PC, simply read How to share any VPN connection with PC.

Follow this quick steps to set up your network after downloading Queencee.

1. Tick remove port
2. Proxy type: real host
3. Proxy server: redirect.glo.com
4. Real proxy type: inject or http

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After setting up Queencee with above settings, you can now connect the VPN handler and start browsing the internet at zero cost. Get firing. Goodluck.



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