In this guide we will be showing you how you can turn your Android device to look like MacOS and experience some macOS features on your Android device, bringing you the best desktop experience you’ve longed for.

Have you ever wanted your phone to give you that satisfying look by making it look like a macOS? maybe you have thought it requires rooting your Android device or maybe flashing a Custom ROM. But seriously it requires no hacks and you can simply achieve this by installing a custom Android launcher.

How to Transform Your Android Device Into macOS

The method we’ll be sharing doesn’t require a rooted Android device in any way, all you need for this is a custom Android launcher called Leena Desktop UI. This launcher will give you a macOS-like interface on your Android device but it is strongly recommended to use for Android tablet users.

First step: First, you need to download Leena Desktop UI to your Android phone from PlayStore

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Second step: once installed launch app and grant permission access, click on settings and and adjust  the launcher to your taste

mac os
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  That’s all, now you have your phone/tablet up and running like MAC OS.

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