Castport team decided to upgrade the data bandwidth, this could be due to feedback from tweakware users all around the world and now they’ve made some few changes to the app and stability. I’ve stayed on the app for quite something and experienced some glitch in the app.
But now you can enjoy stability and 1.2gb data bandwidth of VPN subscription on any android device. No doubt this Castport team is growing fast amongs  other VPN app

 How to get 1.2gb daily bandwidth

  1. If you have the app then proceed to the next steps but if you don’t Download here
  2. No need of upgrading your VPN application but if their is any update for it on Google play store I’ll suggest you update it.
  3. After you have downloaded ,navigate to settings tab
  4. On settings tab, goto bundle settings
  5. Now click on activate bundle 
  6. Select your desired bundle plan from the list 
  7. Goto back to main menu and connect
  8. That’s all
See screenshot below

Because this is a development by the Castport team , it requires no tweaking to get the 1.2gb bandwidth. 
This can be used on all Android device and also on PC using USB tethering , if you don’t know how to setup the PC tethering pls tell us using the comment box so that we can make a post on it to.
Enjoy while it last .
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