There is a way to text for free when u are absolutely low on airtime balance and need to reach someone urgent or in the middle of nowhere or probably u couldn’t get an airtime vendor, Mtn our closest friends have been doing this for a while now. Its a about the tweak on MTN. With this tweak, we were able to browse Free on MTN By dialling a simple code,and send message to MTN mobile numbers and networks in Nigeria without paying a dime. Its worked for a while before we were cut short by mtn.Fortunately the free text part of it still works and we are going talk about that here…

Well, you might say sms to all networks in Nigeria is #4.00 so why bother yourself with free sms on MTN? The truth is that, if anything is free you just have to enjoy it while it lasts. Come to think of it, Cheats are scarce nowadays but

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you can send to mtn numbers and not all networks.

Good news is that it’s unlimited. No bandwidth per day.. And it’s absolutely free me like me almost all my contacts are Mtn so I send unlimited text to them especially Bae..

And u can make free calls at midnight

Straight to business……

To enjoy this service, u just have to migrate from any tariff plan to a particular tariff plan.. and luckily for us migrating on MTN is totally free ..

To send free SMS or make free Calls just dial this code *460 *6# or *460 *1#

Thank me later….


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