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Hello techzbyters, Airtel subscribers have something to cheer about this holiday. This is something similar to Glo’s 0.0k but trust me, this one is extraordinarily stable. Just get your VPN and configure with the setting below to start flexing the new 0.0k free surf on your airtel network.

New Blazing ? Airtel Free Browsing 0.0k

New Blazing? Airtel Free Browsing To Rock This Xmas

Install Psiphon or Pronet and download with unlimited access. But guess what VPN app I use. That’s right ‘Queencee VPN‘. Queencee VPN is more stable and connects in no time. Yes, it is recommended you use Queencee VPN to enjoy a faster and more stabilized connection. your can get the download link from the post I wrote earlier on how to download and stream unlimited using Queencee Airtel

Set any Psiphon, Queencee  or pronet you have to the following settings:

Handler Menu settings
  • TICK  remove port
  • Proxy type: select  No proxy
  • Proxy server: use “games.airtellive.ng” without quotes
  • Real proxy type: select Default
  • Real proxy server: Leave Empty
  • Real proxy port: 80
  • Then click OK and then click on more Options

After that tick on connect through an HTTP Proxy and then tick use the following settings: Host Address: and
Port: 8080.

Also, you can share this data connection with your PC and browse endlessly. Read our previous tutorial on how to share any VPN connection with PC
For optimum performance use Singapore/Netherland as location.

If you still encounter any problem with the connection, after all, try any of the following IP below and reconnect.


✔   8083
✔ 80
✔    800
✔   3128
✔ 8080
✔ 80
✔ 3128
✔         8080
✔         80
✔ 80
✔ 80
✔ 8083
✔ 1080
✔ 8080

That’s it, now you can connect and enjoy unlimited internet access. If you encounter any error just drop a comment below.


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