How to Bypass speed throttling on Airtel 0.0k easily in few seconds

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Hello techzbyters, happy surfing and happy holidays to you all ☺. Alright, let’s do a quick gossip.
I heard airtel has been sluggish in the last couple of days, can hardly download also. No problem, it’s simple. Just install STARKVPN. It connects in seconds and won’t disconnect until you yourself disconnects..

Lol. but that’s actually the truth…. Ignore all the magic ips or all other scams out there just install the stack VPN app already and select airtel as tweak and tap connect. That’s all, so you continue your downloads wherever you stopped.

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Server might also be so very congested and a little difficult to connect to if you are not patient enough, in this case Tweakware 4.7 crack is the best bet.

It has a long list of free servers and may happen to server better.

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Happy new year guys.


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