Hello tech lovers, I will be sharing with you how to discover the password to that WiFi network you got connected to by the help of someone else today. Specifically, this is getting the password to a WiFi network you were connected to,but unfortunately don’t know the login credentials (in secured WiFi networks). Like, you were connected to this network but the password was not revealed,so as to ensure that you don’t log into the network next time without the admin’s knowledge. Perhaps this happened between you and your neighbours, friends,or you were in a cyber café, and as a client, you’re logged into their wifi network without knowing what the password looks like, this might be what you need.
Let’s get cracking on how to reveal already connected WiFis in android phones.


The only two essential things needed on this little adventure are
1. A rooted Android device
2. A file explorer/ file manager that can open and manage root/developer files ( like ES file explorer, Root explorer

The purpose of ‘Root’ here is to allow this file managers access and permission to read or write in the phone’s deep places (folders/directories) .

How to Locate Saved Wifi Passwords in Android
Step 1. Firstly, move up a folder to the root folder, and in ES explorer, you would see a directory codenamed “Data”.

2. After that, go to “data/misc/wifi ” folder, and locate the file name, “wpa_supplicant.conf ”.

3. Now, open the file, and make use of the ES File Explorer‘s built-in text/HTML or any other text viewer you are familiar with to view through the text file.
4. In the file, you should see the network SSID and their passwords next to it, simply note the name and the passwords.
That’s it. You’ve successfully located the saved wifi passwords in your Android. You can now use them at your wish on any Wifi enabled device.
It will also do you a lot of good,if you try not alter anything or make any changes on the “wpa_supplicant.conf ” file, to avoid wifi complications or problems.

See screenshots below

Have fun!


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