Hello everyone, lately I have noticed a lot of people battling storage issues. I mean so many people, from friends to colleagues to family members or even people I barely know.


The importance of free storage can not be overemphasized. I bet you feel bad whenever you need to take that quick selfie and u get an error message like ‘storage full’. And then you will need to free up some space by deleting one or two things you don’t really want to loose, but you reluctantly deleted it out of no alternatives.
I was in this kind of mess a while ago and I thought I needed to share with you how I overcame it.

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Now the truth is, there are so many duplicate files on either storage, both internal and external. There are some files you received twice or more than, there are some WhatsApp photos you viewed and still saved again. There are some songs you have on your phone and still sent to others via WhatsApp, it becomes a duplicate. one in your original folder and another in WhatsApp media folder and so much more.

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So this app is going to share displays all forms of duplicated files even when they are saved and named differently, it still brings them up . It marks out one and unmarks the other, so the original is saved and the duplicates are deleted.

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Download and use Duplicate file fixer
Works like magic. And henceforth you will notice a very big difference in your storage status. If you need any apps for any issue you are experiencing use the comment box.
I hope this helps.


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