Download unlimited wth Etisalat

Tweakware developer (Castsport) discovered a new loophole on Etisalat network and he has integrated this into the latest Tweakware via Remote Tweak in the VPN app. Tweakware VPN v5.8 is the latest version of the Tweakware VPN app and it comes with super fast unlimited free browsing on Etisalat network.

Download unlimited wth Etisalat remote weak on Tweakware v5.8

Tweakware gives 350mb daily bandwidth to all free subscribers and unlimited bandwidth to the premium users but in the case of Etisalat, it is capped at 60mb. But now, we have unlimited free browsing Tweakware on Etisalat via the Tweakware VPN.
To get your Etisalat ready for unlimited bandwidth, simply follow the steps provided below.

Steps To Browse and Download Unlimited With Tweakware Using  Remote Tweak Option

1. Make sure you have Tweakware v5.8 installed, if you don’t, click Here to download.
2. Now launch Tweakware and navigate to SETTINGS and click on ‘REMOTE TWEAK’ to begin the installation process.
Download unlimited wth Etisalat remote weak on Tweakware v5.8
Note: Make sure you have normal internet access to download the Remote Tweak configuration file. At least 5MB, what we actually need is not even up to  1MB.

3. Once the installation is complete, return to Tweakware main menu and select REMOTE TWEAK option.

Download unlimited wth Etisalat remote weak on Tweakware v5.8

4. Once that is done, now click on CONNECT to start connecting Tweakware and wait for it to get connected.
5. Final step. The Remote Tweak does not permanently save on your Tweakware VPN app, which means anytime it force closes or you exit the app, you will have to download the Remote Tweak again.

To prevent constantly downloading the config file over and over, you can simply download the backup of the Remote Tweak config file Here and import it whenever you need to use the remote config.

To import config files on Tweakware VPN, simply go to settings and click on the export tweak. Tweakware will create a backup of the config file and save it your SD, now each cam import the config file anytime you need it. That’s all for the import.

Once you’ve successfully imported the settings to Tweakware, then go to the main screen and select Import Tweak as your connection type and Connect
Note: If remote Tweak Installation Failed even with a working internet data, then probably it may be that the Remote Tweak Server is Down. So you should wait for some minutes and try again.

Don’t forget to share with friends, and if you encounter any problem, tell us in the comments. Enjoy Unlimited.


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