This error occurs in most cases when there is a missing driver on a computer or even occasionally the USB cable itself. but in my case, it was simply caused by my device MTP (Media Transfer Protocol let’s you transfer files (pictures, videos, etc.) between your mobile device and a PC. When connecting your mobile to a PC using a USB cable) drivers that were not properly installed. although I have been using my smartphone with my laptop for quite a while now and I never came across any problem of USB not been recognized until a few days ago when I tried to duplicate a downloaded document from the internet and wanted to transfer the files to my PC. After so many attempts and even used the internet to update driver, but none worked for me. And now I figured out a way to fix this, so read on and see the steps on how you can fix USB not recognized on your PC.


1. connect your device to the computer and connect your device through MTP

2. Go to device manager on the computer, you will see the missing driving force flagged with a yellow mark

3. Now right click on the missing driver and select update driver
4. You’ll get options:  1. To replace drier through the net and 2. To browse files and folders for missing drivers

7. select browse my computer for browser software
8. On the next window, select let me pick from a list of drivers on my PC.

9. Now you should see 3 options on the subsequent windows as shown in the screenshot.

10. Now were only interested in the third option, that is MTP USB device. just in case you don’t have 11. it organized the same manner as shown in the screenshot, make sure you select MTP USB device.
once that is executed select next and the MTP USB device driver would start the installation.

If drivers install correctly, your device should now come up in windows explorer.

final words

USB not recognized on windows may occur in different/various forms, what I have explained above is simply what I experienced and if this did not repair your hassle with USB not recognized, please used the Microsoft support page or forum for more similar issues.
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