VLC media player which has turned to be the most versatile of desktop media players allows you to play any media format on your PC. VLC can be used to create a streaming video server, to cast videos from your PC to your TV, stripping, or copying the audio from a YouTube video, and is packed with other hidden features. With VLC you can also set a video as wallpaper, this is a feature we have seen on many smartphones and now, it can be achieved with the aid of VLC media player. VLC is available for all kinds of OS, which means this method I’m about to share will work on any computer.
In addition, VLC also can take media screenshot (in videos). So if you’re not already using using, get VLC today. VLC can be downloaded from www.Videolan.org


It is recommended you’re running the newest version of VLC, for older version, some changes are required.


1. Launch VLC media player on you PC
2. Navigate to tools >> Preferences >> Videos, and locate the Output setting. In the drop-down menu, select DirectX (DirectDraw) video output option, then click Save. Close VLC.
3. Now browse to the video clip you’d like to set as a background, and play it via VLC media player.
4. When video starts to plays, right-click on the player window and select Video >> DirectX Wallpaper or from the menu click DirectX wallpaper (Windows may display a warning, close this, and then minimize your apps and settle back to enjoy the video as VLC captures your video.
5. Once you’re done with the video, maximize VLC media player, right-click and select the Video option then click DirectX Wallpaper again to remove the check on it. Exit the program.

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However, for more recent versions of VLC media player, the steps for setting video as background is quite easy, all you need to do is right-click the video in VLC and select Set as wallpaper. That’s it.

Final words

VLC is no doubt the best media player and used by millions of people around the globe. VLC media player is totally free and it offers many cool feature. DOWNLOAD VLC

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