Good news to infix hot user, this is but another cool ROM for Infinix hot X507. The ROM is smooth, better battery optimization and lots more. check the features of this cool ROM below

Disclaimer: This rom should be flashed on infinix Hot X507 alone. this site or its author won’t be responsible if you damage your device in this process

★Base: Mt6582 KK 3.4.67 

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  • -3 Minit Battery With Random Icons
  • -3 Minit Clock With Random Styles & Color
  • -App Circle Sidebar
  • -App OPS
  • -AD Blocker
  • -Autostart Option
  • -Battery Bar With Random Color
  • -Battery Calibration
  • -Blow To Unlock ( Supported On Air Sensor Devices )
  • -Carrier Label ( 2 Style )
  • -Carrier Logo ( Alan Walker Logo With Styles & Color )
  • -Clock Option ( Left, Center & Right )
  • -Contextual Header Images
  • -Charge Notify
  • -Cpu Float
  • -Dynamic System Bars ( DSB )
  • -Edge Bar With App Adding Option
  • -Font Chooser
  • -Font Sizer
  • -Float Navbar
  • -Gesture Anywhere
  • -Greeting Text With Edit Option
  • -Heads up Notification
  • -LCD Density
  • -Listview Animations
  • -Multiwindow Sidebar
  • -Music Equalizer
  • -Network Traffic
  • -Notification Drawer Style ( Color, Image Or Blur Image )
  • -Partition Info
  • -Performance Control CM Style
  • -Prop Modder
  • -Statusbar Icons Show Hide
  • -Screen Overlay Animations ( Edge S7, Poke ball etc )
  • -System App Remover
  • -Xtreme Booster
  • -Visualizer 8 Style Option
  • ★9 Pages On Expand –
  • -LGX Music Panel With Visualizer
  • -Quotes
  • -Volume Sliders
  • -FB UI Profile With Contextual & Editor
  • -DCMS Styled Calendar
  • -Samsung Styled Settings
  • -Listview Apps
  • -Rounded Favorite App List
  • -Profile With Anime Logo
  • -N-Style Notification
  • -N System Icons
  • -Naruto No Recent
  • -L Style Rambar View
  • -Shake To Clean Ram
  • -Red Themed DOLBY For Beast Sounds
  • -Android M 6.0 Platlogo
  • -Settings Theme Style ( Light, Dark & Transparent )
  • -Settings Icons & Texts Coloring
  • -Animated WEAKED BANNER
  • -Coalfield Panel Icons
  • -Naruto & Sasuke Fight On Low Battery Warning Animation
  • -Battery 100% Charge Notifier
  • -Framework Themed As MM With Switches & Spinners
  • -Slide Recent Panel
  • -Xposed Installer With Blur, Gravitybox



2. Download weaked OS for infinix hot and copy to the root of your SD card (not in any folder)
3. Reboot to recovery >> factory reset >> advance >> wipe dalvik art >> wipe cache >> wipe data
4. Go back and select weaked OS zip
5. Swipe to install
6. Wait for installation to complete
7. When the installation completes, reboot.
First boot take 5-10 minute, so don’t panic. if you have any questions or any error please tell us in the comments.
★Developer:= Fuad Mahmud Abir★
*Team Bisp
*Nasim Ni
*Afzal Hossain Alif
*Olaniyi Mudathir for porting


  1. Everything worked fine before upload sir, try making a patch file and replace this file from stock ROM

    In system/lib folder, replace for camera fix

    Replace soundfx folder in lib with stock.

    We'll provide a fix shortly just in case you don't know how to go about that


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