The phrase theme engine isn’t a new phrase in the android. I suppose Xtheme engine and HKtheme manager will bring memories of what theme engine is all about. These devs are intended to beautify our device by modifying our system files and theming our system UI and layouts. Also, a well known example of these is the Cyanogen theme engine which runs on Cyanogen Android ROMS. This theme engine allows us to tweak our android system and add great appearance to our devices, adding custom sounds, fonts, icons etc.

PitchBlack is a widely-known dark material theme perfecting the balance between material design, minimalism and various epic color combinations. The theme consist of two types of navbar overlays, two types of network indicators and two gorgeous fonts and system sounds! it also features 2 boot animations to give your device a stylish boot.

The theme generally adds a gorgeous look to your device and make it even more attractive to others.

See what’s themed below:-

• Android systemUI and FW base
• NavigationBar – 2 OPT
• Signal bars – 3 OPT
• Popup Animations – 3 OPT
• Overall system animations
• Settings
• Dialer
• Contacts
• Messages
• Gallery
• Files
• Calculator
• Keyboard IME
• G Board
• G Calculator
• G Massages
• G Hangouts
• G Plus
• G Drive
• G Keep
• G Search and assistant
• YouTube
• Substratum
• LOS Recorder
• LOS Eleven
• CM file manager
• Trebuchet launcher
• Launcher3
 And lots more … 


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