Download Tweakware 6.1 Apk

Hey! The Etisalat 0.0k freedom we all gave up on is back and better. Now, the Etisalat 0.0k connects easily when you select it from the bundle/package menu in the latest Tweakware 6.1 version, just the way it was before things went wrong.

Download Tweakware 6.1 Apk with Etisalat 0.0k bug fixed

The developer of Tweakware is taking this whole thing to another level, a nice one from him. They released version 6.0 nothing happened but now they released version 6.1 after just a few days and boom!!! just like magic, countering Etisalat when it matters most. Download Tweakware here

The downside to this is just the fact that it’s still limited to 60mb, unlike the unlimited we enjoyed some weeks back. But trust me, there are still so many people out there dying to get this free 60mb per day, recession ain’t good thing. Besides 60mb multiplied by 7days in a week is 420mb, better than doing 200mb with #200 for 7days on Etisalat.

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Download Tweakware 6.1 Apk
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Still 30 free servers, but much more stability. Enjoy your holiday filled weekend with the Tweakware 6.1.


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