Airtel introduced YouTube​Flex, a data bundle that is only meant for streaming video on YouTube. Since Airtel discontinued the weekend plan which a lot of users became so found of, Airtel introduced other packages, one of which is the YouTube Flex data.

The YouTube Flex comes in two packages which are:
  • Weekly package​(150MB which cost N100) and
  • Monthly package(500MB which cost N200).
YouTube Flex data works on the YouTube website and mobile app alone. But now you can use all your network powered app with the YouTube Flex data via psiphon.

How To Activate Airtel YouTube Flex Data Plan

  • Dial *141*4# and choose  from the listed option 
  • Select 1 to activate the Weekly bundle 150MB
  • Select 2 to activate the Monthly 500MB

Once subscription is confirmed then you’ll be granted access to stream youtube videos. Now, let’s power all other apps.

Psiphon Configuration Settings

  1. Launch Psiphon VPN, on the handler menu input the following settings
  2. Proxy Type: Real Host
  3. Proxy Server:
  4. Now scroll down and click on save.
  5. On the main menu, select  USA or United Kingdom as server and click connect.
Note: This YouTube Flex with Psiphon VPN is not unlimited. Kindly share if post was helpful.
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