Hi guys, you must have heard of jackobian, a community of young vibrant and ideas filled individuals. A community that appears to look like a forum, mind you, it’s so much more than that.

Jackobian provides all the information, gist, help, update, you name it.

I would like to highlight some of the features and benefits of this great community.

Jackobian, community for all


1. This community is easy to navigate, just get in, and get along. It’s not a complicated forum to sync into.
2. There is help all around ; if at all you get confused about anything, although the chances of that happening is ultra-slim. There are moderators, Admins, even guiders now (newly introduced), and the lowest rank (co-members) who will put you through.
3. All kinds of updates are available. From politics to entertainment, to sports, to technology, to business and Investments, the list is endless.
4. There is mobile app to let you access all this gist in a flash.
And many others…

Jackobian, community for all


1. You never miss out in the newest developments/opportunities far or near.
2. There are entertainment, jokes, riddles, gist, brain teasers to keep you refreshed.
3. There are Opportunities to earn you some spare money, you get insight to all the little investments that matters, from crypto currencies to donation platforms and the rest.
Join the traders in the central bank of bitcoin, and discuss it in the bitcoin section.

You will get to see more….

Jackobian, community for all

As a tech guy, I hang on jackobian, rub minds with some tech persons. Most definitely i do other things, i relax, subscribe and respond to rumors especially from the entertainment world. I trade some bitcoins and enjoy some free offers as well. Basically, I am a jackobian. Dnt be naive enter jackobian today and make things happen for yourself!


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