WhatsApp, which is now owned by Facebook, is bringing a new feature to the app. Waow i love whatsapp nowadays, updating features after features. 
This new feature allows users to pin the most important chats right on top of their screen. In other words, you can have your most important chat insight, regardless of how recent the messages are coming in.

As you can see from the Screenshots, my latest messages, some at 8am are still under the old message that came in at 1am. Now thats the deal. This feature allows a maximum number of 3 different chats to be pinned at a time. And it is done by tapping and holding the chat, then a pin icon will appear on the action bar next to the mute and archive button.

Currently it is part of WhatsApp the beta version being in its testing stage, but it will be available in WhatsApp final build and users across the globe can then use this feature.

To undo the pins, simply repeat the above step used in creating the pin and pin would be removed. Users with WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 are currently enjoying this feature. You can download beta version here to participate in this testing.

Hope you enjoy this feature, and i trust there is more to come. Stay here for more!!

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