Airtel Nigeria released an unlimited data plans for heavy internet users. Unlimited plans like this had long been seen from our network providers. Gone at the days where Blackberry devices were king and data was friendly like forever and the price tags were not a problem. Airtel Nigeria released a teaser video which informed us of the coming of this unlimited plan and since then many of us has been with impatience for the official launch of the packages. And now, it is here. Airtel has officially launched the unlimited data packages.

With the newly launched unlimited data plan, you can do all sort of things on the net like, download, upload, stream videos and even share your connections with friends and family around you without the fear of running out of data and no speed throttling of any kind. The newly launched unlimited plan is a very good concept form Airtel but has we’ve known, buying data these days has not been really friendly when it comes to the price tags.
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Airtel new unlimited data plan for heavy internet user

The unlimited data plan comes in 3 different packages, which means you get to choose anyone that best suits you. Talking of the price, let’s check them below with the subscription codes.

Airtel Unlimited Packages
Price list of the newly released Airtel unlimited plan include:
  • N10,000 Unlimited Package, Valid for 30days
  • N15,000 Unlimited Package, Valid for 30days
  • N20,000 Unlimited Package, Valid for 30days
To Activate Any of The Data Package
  • For N10,000 Unlimited package, dial *471#
  • For N15,000 Unlimited package, dial *463#
  • For N20,000 unlimited package, dial *351#
If checked the teaser video already, it states there clearly that this plan is no doubt unlimited and looking at the price, you can also tell but also, you should keep in mind fair usage policy.

Tell us your view on these Airtel unlimited data plans, we’d love to hear your sincere opinion
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