Get Upto 1gb Free Data On Mtn

While your glo 0.0k is blazing or perhaps reverse is the case for you, Here’s another loophole. It’s been quite sometime since we got freebies like this on MTN and now, this is yet another awuff you don’t wanna miss out. Get up to 1GB free data on your MTN sim, how ? Read on

Get Up to 1gb Free Data On Mtn

To get this free data on your MTN sim, simply Text ‘MyApp’ to 131 and boom, that is 100mb for you. The good news is, you can accumulate this data up to 1GB or above. If you’re familiar with SMS bomber, then this should be quick easy for you and you if have no clue what SMS bomber is or how it works, just proceed with the below steps.

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To further Accumulate your data follow these steps below.

1. After texting “MyApp” to 131 which gives the initial 100mb, then
2. You text “Stop MyApp” to 131
3. Then you resubscribe again by texting “MyApp” to 131, now that’s 200mb there.
4. Repeat step 2 – 3 until you get desired results.

Check available balance by dialling *559 *4#. As easy as hitting the switch on your wall socket. Use SMS scheduler to make things smoother. Peace out ✌


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