Anonytun VPN present a stable, reliable and fast connection on Glo 0.0k tweak. The Migration from Stark VPN and tweakware to Anonytun is increasing by the day. These devs has worked their to give you free internet access, they deserve a 5star rating.

Anonytun has being around for a while and thanks to jackobian for the continued tweak to give you guys a no sub era, lol. I’ll be sharing a new Anonytun setting to spice your weekend. So read along.
If you don’t have Annoytun installed, you can download in Google play store or here
°Once installed use the below setting in the screenshots.

°Now, for those that port 9201_8081_443 are not working for, just use the Same
settings and use the default 80
°Get – connection = 8080 (port)
°Post – connection = 9201_8081_443_80 (port’s) °choose the One that work’s for
°Use the below APN to power it up
176.90.6868.67:4430®_Ultr a
°just copy and paste it

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Did it work for you? Don’t forget to share and drop your comments in the box.

Also, if encountered any problem on the way feel free to drop it in the comments and it will be attended to. HAPPY NEW MONTH



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