Unlimited access to the internet has been a major problem in a country like Nigeria, and that is why gurus like realitytech strive to bring tweaks to enable you to surf the internet at almost zero cost. Even Airtel decided to stop unlimited Facebook but still doing great with the 10X bonus. It seems internet service providers have been upgrading their network and for a while that we haven’t enjoyed unlimited browsing on all networks.

Unlimited Browsing On 9mobile For ₦400 Only – Anonytun VPN

9mobile is back and hot, using the popular anonytun VPN, 9mobile subscribers can now enjoy unlimited downloading/streaming. This tweak works on all Sims and doesn’t require a specific Tariff plan to work.

While this new tweak seems to be super amazing, It would only benefit the heavy data users, because it’s  a time-based plan and only useful for downloading large files(software, movies). This tweak lasts for only 2hrs and you can’t download without any data restrictions. You can share your data connection over VPN with your PC and browse too.

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Do you still remember “9Mobile YouTube Plan” of N400, which gives you access only to stream videos on YouTube for 2 hours? That’s where this tweak was born. Using AnonyTun VPN on your 9mobile YouTube plan allows you to browse and download. We have written a complete step-by-step guide on how you can enjoy unlimited internet with 9Mobile Sim on your Android devices.

How to configure Anoytun VPN to use 9mobile YouTube plan

Setting up Annoytun VPN on your  Android smartphone/tablet to use 9mobile YouTube plan requires ₦400 airtime on your sim and a stable 3G connection.

Step 1: Download and install AnonyTunBeta v5.0.

Step 2: Subscribe To 9Mobile Youtube 2 Hours Plan
Which cost ₦400 using USSD *200# and follow the on-screen selection.

Step 3: Launch AnonyTun Beta and configure as below:

  • Tap on CONFIGURACIÓN (Stealth Settings)
  • Toggle Tunnel VPN ON/OFF
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
  • Change Puerto(port) to 8081
  • Activate PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)
  • Now, toggle EDITAR PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers) and insert the following settings
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>>URLHost: myaccount.google.com
>>Request method: POST
>>Injection method: Normal
>>Tick User-Agent
>>Tick Keep-Alive
>>Leave other boxes un-ticked
>>Click on GENERATE, then Save

Step 4: Finally, click on CONECTAR and wait a few seconds for AnonyTun Beta to connect.

Now, launch your browser and start surfing. Remember there is no limit to the data until your 2hrs is complete. So if you have a tutorial you want to download, game, or any other useful but large stuff, take this chance and thank me later.


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