How To Disable Windows 10 Update Easily

Hey guys, in this guide, you’ll learn how to disable Windows 10 update permanently on your laptop/PC.

Windows 10 has been known to automatically download and install all updates. This includes security updates, feature updates, and driver updates provided through Windows Update. This is not the same in the previous editions of the Microsoft Owned Operating System.

In earlier Windows versions up to the windows 8.1, users had the option to disable System update.

So in this guide, we are going to be looking at ways to disable windows 10 update and the advantages of disabling System updates.


System updates are really good. They help to improve your device, supports its hardware, software, and even boost over performance too. But you would agree that some updates are harmful. I call this kind of updates ‘evil updates’.

Some updates go wrong and you might just need to avoid such updates. Sometimes you are on a limited data plan too, you should just avoid that update. Here’s why, perhaps your data plan is budgeted to do some online activities, an automatic system update could just tap out of it and exhaust your data unexpectedly.

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How to disable Windows 10 update permanently

Well, be sharing three methods which can be used to disable Windows 10 update in this post. Like I have said, system updates are really important and although it can lead to disaster on your machine sometimes, it would be fair if Microsft lets users choose when to install this updates instead of forcing users to install.

Without further ado, let’s see the methods we can use to disable Windows 10 automatic update.

First Method – Disable Windows Update Service

Understand the limitations of this method. While disabling the automatic update service will temporarily halt any Windows 10 cumulative updates, the service will re-enable itself after a certain amount of time. Here are the directions:

  1. Press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to invoke the Run box.
  2. Type services.msc and press Enter.
  3. Scroll down to Windows Update, and double-click it.
  4. In Startup type, select Disabled. Then click
  5. Apply and OK to save the settings.
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Second Method – Change The Setting Of The Group Policy Editor

The Group Policy feature is not available in the Home edition. So, only when you run Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise, or Education, you can use the Group Policy Editor to change the settings to prevent Windows 10 from automatically updating.

The group policy editor will notify you of new updates without automatically installing them.

  1. Press the Windows logo key + R then type gpedit.msc and click OK.
  2. Go to Computer Configuration » Administrative Templates » Windows Components » Windows Update.
  3. Double-click Configure Automatic Updates.
  4. Select Disabled in Configured Automatic Updates on the left, and click Apply and
  5. OK to disable the Windows automatic update feature.

Note: If you need to update your Windows version later, you can repeat the steps above, then select Enabled to turn on this feature, so that you can continue to download the updates.

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Third Method – Meter Your Network Connection

Understand that this method won’t work for Ethernet connections. You can only disable automatic updates by using this method on a Wi-Fi connection.

In other to disable Windows 10 update over metered connections, your computer must be connected to a WiFi. You can try this to stop Windows 10 automatic updates.

  1. Click the Start button at the bottom left on your desktop, then click the Settings app.
  2. Click Network & Internet.
  3. Click WiF in the left pane, then click the name of your Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Click to turn on Set as metered connection.

That’s it, now you can use your PC without worrying over Windows 10 automatic update.

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