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Over the past few decades technology has vowed to make our lives more comfortable and it has fulfilled that promise. We have seen technological innovation take over in a matter of days and become sensations that trend for years. Here listed below are five technology trends that you need to know about. The trends are from the fields of medicine, entertainment, and business so that you can have a better idea of what are the innovations in other areas too.


5 Technology Trends You Need To Know To Live an Easier Life

Well if you don’t know what IPTV is, I will give you a brief introduction and a recommendation. It means Internet Protocol Television, in simpler terms; it is an application that can connect your TV to your portable devices so that you can watch your favorite TV shows, entertainment, etc. on the way to work. For example, if you had to work early and missed the last bit of the super bowl, you don’t need to worry now. The best application for such purposes is Kodi; you can download it on firestick.

Machine learning

5 Technology Trends You Need To Know To Live an Easier Life

Machine learning is another technological advancement that has made a life for those in e-marketing businesses much more comfortable. What this does is that it makes the software’s that you often use to learn your preferences so that it can recommend what you might like.

MelaFind optical scanner

5 Technology Trends You Need To Know To Live an Easier Life

Biopsies are a way of finding out further information about certain health-related conditions. The downside to biopsies that conclude that nothing major is wrong is that they leave scars and they cost a lot. However, now with the MelaFind optical scanner doctors can get additional information that can help them decide if a biopsy is needed or not.

It helps them examine the area of concern much more thoroughly before ordering a biopsy. In this way, lots of medical expenses are spared, and a large number of people won’t have to have biopsy scars on their body.

Virtual reality

5 Technology Trends You Need To Know To Live an Easier Life

I am pretty sure you have seen people around you on the subway wearing something that looks like glasses you can’t see through and wonder what they are. Well, that is what helps them enjoy virtual reality. It has made gaming and entertainment reach a new level.

The fact that it is portable and you can connect it to your phone makes it convenient. Now you have to wait to get home to enjoy a movie or a game.

Health Trackers

5 Technology Trends You Need To Know To Live an Easier Life

Another health-related innovation is health trackers. Due to the fact that life is getting busier and busier, we have no time to keep tabs on our health. You have got nothing to worry about now we have health trackers that can track your eating, sleeping, walking habit and send you a report at the end of the day.

Apart from that we also have personal trainer apps that can help you take your exercise seriously without going to the gym. Such innovations in the field of health have made life a lot easier.

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