How To Increase IDM Download Speed In 4 Simple Ways

Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers out there, capable for little and large downloads… It accelerates download rate, has pause-resume feature and a host other advantages. According to its developer(s), IDM can increase download speed up to 5 times!. However, there are ways to increase whatever speed you currently have. We will talk you through the ways in which you can increase download speed of Internet Download Manager

How To Increase idm Download Speed Upto 100mbps

The use of IDM Optimizer :

Step 1. Download and install IDM Optimizer tool, you could also do a Google search to get the download.

Step 2. You need IDM already installed on your PC, as this tool will only optimize IDM download speed when if it’s present on your system.

Step 3. Launch IDM Optimizer tool and then a new windows will popup as shown below, click on the Maximize Now button and you will get a prompt asking you to restart your IDM, click OK. Then restart your PC

Step 4. Now check your IDM and watch the speed, try to download any file with it and check out if download speed is better or not. If you’d like to restore your default IDM settings then you can click on Restore Default button.

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That’s it, now speed has been boosted on your IDM, experience faster download in just a click.

Making changes to IDM your settings

1. Check your connection settings IDM

If you’re using a broadband connection, select a connection type introducing high bandwidth in the dialog “Options> Connection.”
Increases “Number max. Of connections”. Open “IDMan.exe ” go to the “Options” tab, click on the “Connection ” tab and change the “Number max. Of conn. Default” from 8 to 16. Click on “ OK“.

2. Disable “Speed Limiter “

Open “IDMan.exe,” navigate to Downloads tab on the menu bar, click on the “Speed Limiter” tab and select “Turn Off “.

3. Cleanup Completed Task

(1). Freeing up space. Just delete other files downloaded from IDM, objects and reduces objects in line at the IDM.

(2). Close other applications. These other applications may be downloaded on the background at the same time. It is better to close any running background process as they also use the Internet and share the same resources with IDM simultaneously.

4. Schedule your downloads

Try scheduling your downloads. With a significantly reduced traffic line, it will be much faster to download at night, compared to what have in the day.

I hope these tricks give you a better download speed without using cheat engine. If you find our guide on how to increase IDM download speed helpful, don’t forget to use the share button and happy downloading.

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