10 Best Music Streaming Apps For Android in 2019

For some of us, music is just music while others will take music as a lifestyle. Apart from the joy and emotions music brings it has been found to be beneficial to the human health. Music makes you happier, reduces stress, reduces depression, make you sleep better and tons of other health benefits. So, if you ever need to listen to good and quality music, our list of the best music streaming app for Android might just come handy.

Music streaming apps provides a simple and quick way to find and listen to your favourite music on the go. Music streaming apps produces great sound and 100% quality of a song while helping you save more space on your phone’s storage. One of the reasons I love streaming with apps is because it saves me the time of searching for music via the search engine and gives me more free space on my device. With Music streaming apps I don’t necessarily need to download music before I can play them.

Top 10 Music Streaming Apps For Android in 2019

Music streaming apps have become popular over the years and now flooding the Google play store and iOS App store.  There are lots of streaming apps you can choose but as we all know, you’ll find some apps that aren’t good enough, some may lack certain features etc.

Most of the Music streaming apps comes with a premium version, however they still let users listen to music’s for free. Except you need to save music for offline use and some other advance features you won’t really find the need to go for a premium version.

So, if you’re searching for some good music streaming apps for Android, see our picks for best music streaming apps.

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1 Amazon Music

Amazon Music is one of the best streaming app you will in the Google play store, it gives a high quality audio with over 50 million songs. Amazon music gives you a 30-day trial which you can cancel anytime and also comes with support for Amazon Alexa. You can easily pick up your music from where you left anytime on Alexa. Discover more when you install Amazon music app

2 Deezer

Deezer: Musik & Podcasts hören
Deezer: Musik & Podcasts hören

Deezer is another great music streaming app  available on the Google Play Store. It’s one of the most popular streaming app and it houses 43 million songs which you can listen to. Deezer features a simple yet amazing interface, it also helps users discover and play musics from different categories. Users can as well save music’s for offline listening in an mp3 format.

3 Spotify

Spotify is also one of the most popular music app to stream music online. It gives users access to millions of music from different categories and podcast. Although Spotify is a premium app and exclusive to some countries, but users will get a great music experience using it. Try Spotify if it’s available for your country in the App store.

4 Google Play Music

Google Play Musik
Google Play Musik
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

I guess most of us if not all of us are familiar with the Google Play Music app. Play Music comes preloaded on almost all Android device and it is a very good music streaming app. Unlike other online music apps, Google Play Music is free and it comes with  ads which is not bad. It features radio and podcasts as well and users will also get music recommendations according to their taste. 

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5 SoundCloud

SoundCloud: Musik & Audio
SoundCloud: Musik & Audio
Developer: SoundCloud
Price: Free

If you’re looking for a song and you can’t find it, you should try SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a great streaming app available for free on Google’s Play Store and uses a pretty descent interface, it houses over 150 million tracks and you can find almost every new music on it.

6 Apple Music

Apple Music
Apple Music
Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free

Apple Music is one of the best and most used music streaming app that you can use on your Android. It is developed by Apple and just like Google Play Music, you’ll find Apple Music on all iOS device. Apple Music houses over 30 million songs and you also get to listen to live radio 24/7. It is one of the music app you should try.

7 iHeartRadio

I discovered iHeartRadio around mid 2018 although it has been around for long time. Primarily iHeartRadio is a radio app but it comes with music streaming features which gives users premium-on-demand music services through which you can access millions of music from different categories. It is one of the best music streaming apps for Android that you can use right now.

8 Pandora

Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts
Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts
Developer: Pandora
Price: To be announced

Pandora is a premium music app like Spotify, you need to subscribe monthly to enjoy endless music. It a well-known music streaming app and it offers millions of track. The sound quality is  very good and it give you a music experience like no other. You should try it.

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9 TuneIn

If you’re looking for a music app with some juice, TuneIn is what you need. I personally like this music app for its all-in-one feature. With TuneIn you don’t only get good music, you’ll also be update with breaking news and live sports, there’s also Radio and podcasts features which makes it the perfect music app for you. But that’s not all, you can also find lots of commercial-free music curated by leading-edge DJs. Try TuneIn, you’ll thank me later.

10 Boomplay

Looking for African music? Then you should try Boomplay. Boomplay is Africa’s leading and fast-growing music streaming app for Android, it offers free access to millions of music both African and international. You’ll also get entertainment news on Boomplay and some freebies while playing the in-app lucky draw daily. It also comes with a built-in video player and several other impressive features. It’s one of the best online music apps you will find on Google’s Play Store.

So, there you have it, our list of 10 Best Music Streaming apps for Android which you can use. There are many other great music app available on Play Store but here we’ve listed the best of the best. So, what do you think of the top 10 music streaming apps for Android? Share your views with us in the comment section below.


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