Bliss OS 12
Bliss OS 12 - Run Android 10 on Windows 10 or Linux

If you’ve been searching for how to install Android Q on your Windows 10 PC or Linux, then search no more. In this article we’ll be sharing a step by step guide to install Android Q on PC.

In a bid to bring the latest Android OS experience to PC users and Android fans around the world, Bliss ROM has introduced Bliss OS 12 for Android fans who wants to install Android 10 OS on PC.

While Android 10 is still rolling out to smartphones, PC users can already enjoy the Androd 10 experience with a beta Android version of the latest Android Q OS on PC with Bliss OS 12.

Last year, Bliss ROMs released Bliss ROM based on Android Pie that let Android fans run Android Pie on PC alongside Windows 10 or Linux and now, Bliss ROM has introduced Android 10 on PC.

Bliss OS 12 – Android 10 For PC

Bliss OS is basically an Android-based OS that can run on any Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks. You can as well download and install Bliss OS 12 GSI ROMs for your smartphone if your device has not receive the latest Android 10 update.

While other popular Android OS for PC requires a high performance PC to run seamlessly, you can run Bliss OS 12 on any PC that already runs Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS.

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Bliss OS 12 features a Windows like interface, it comes with a desktop-style launcher (based on AOSP Launcher 3) with a taskbar. It comes with a start menu (app drawer) dubbed Bliss button and can run apps in windows, touchscreen, and non-touch devices.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the how to install the new Bliss OS 12 on a Winodows 10 PC or Linux.

How To Install Android 10 On Any Windows 10 PC Or Linux?

Note: BlissOS 12 is currently in a testing phase, so if you’re planning to use it as a daily driver on PC, you may want to consider other stable Android OS like Remix OS as you may encounter quite a few bugs. However, below are the steps and requirements to download and install the alpha build of Bliss OS 12.

Steps to run Bliss OS 12 Android 10 on any Windows 10 PC or Linux

Bliss OS 12 - Android 10 10 For PC
  • Save
Bliss OS 12 – Android 10 10 For PC
  • You’ll see a section as shown in the above screenshot, type the secret code “stayblissful” in the chat interface which says ‘write something
  • You’ll then get another chat interface like the image below:
Bliss OS 12 - Android 10 10 For PC
  • Save
Bliss OS 12 – Android 10 10 For PC
  • Now, click on Go To Downloads
  • On the next page, you’ll find the download link to download Bliss OS 12 ISO file.
  • Just like Bliss Android 9 installation process, you’ll now need to use Rufus or similar tool to burn Bliss Android Q ROM to a USB drive.
  • Next, disable Secure Boot from your BIOS, Bitlocker, and any other boot security software such as Veracrypt
  • Now, boot into the USB drive.
  • First run Bliss OS in Live mode to see if it works fine. If all is well, then, continue to next step
  • Boot into the USB drive, and choose Bliss OS Install
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The installation process is similar to Linux installation for those who are familiar with installing Linux. See the full installation documentation guide for further assistance.

Things to know before installing Bliss OS 12

Bliss ROM developers recommends installing Bliss OS 12 alpha build on a pre-existing NTFS partition or Windows partition. The developers also caution users not to format the OS from their USB installer.

If your installing Bliss OS 12 Android 10 on PC is solely to use Android apps or play games, I’d suggest you try Android emulators as they are designed mainly for this.


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