How To Identify Fake Infinix And Tecno Smartphones

Are you curious to know whether the new Infinix or Tecno mobile phone you recently bought if original or fake? Maybe your phone is misbehaving or rendering slow performance but houses great specs, and you’re not certain what the problem could be, then this post is for you. In this post, we’ll be sharing a simple guide to help you identify a fake Infinix or Tecno smartphone in the before purchasing.

Infinix and Tecno have become a global brand and available in several countries around the world. Both brands are doing pretty fine in the African market and there newest devices are the Infinix Note 7 and Tecno Camon 15. With the popularity of both brands brings the tendency of having fake product storming the market.

If you’ve recently bought a new Infinix or Tecno phone and its developing issues like, excessive battery drain, poor network reception, lagging and has a bad camera, then there’s a high chance that you’ve got a fake smartphone.

Most times people falls into this trap because spotting a fake Infinix or Tecno smartphone from the original is nearly impossible going by the appearance and specs details. The look pretty much the same, however, there performances give a clear difference of both. But people don’t usually get to compare the performance of a device immediately after purchase.

In other to protect customers, Infinix and Tecno has provided a simple measure for fans/customers to verify if a smartphone is fake or genuine, so as to not fall victim of buying a copy smartphone.

Steps To Identify Fake Infinix And Tecno Smartphones

Step 1. To verify the genuity of an Infinix or Tecno smartphone, you need this two things;

How To Identify Fake Infinix And Tecno Smartphones
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  1. The device IMEI number (usually printed on the phones box and you can also get it by dialling *#06# on the smartphone)
  2. The device VC number (you will also find this on the phones box or on the battery or the back of the phone)

Step 2. Once you have the above details, For Tecno — visit | For Infinix — visit and you’ll be redirected to the brands phone genuity check page.

Step 3. One the genuine phone check page, enter your IMEI code and VC code into their respective field and submit.

If your phone is genuine, you’ll get a message saying “welcome to use original Tecno or Infinix phone” otherwise you’ll see a message saying VC number does not exist.

How To Identify Fake Infinix And Tecno Smartphones
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Genuine phone
How To Identify Fake Infinix And Tecno Smartphones
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Fake phone

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The page also provides battery genuity. If your battery gets weak and you need to replace it, you can check if the new one you’re buying is original buy enter the serial number in the provided field on the phone genuity check page.

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