MTN WhoDeyCall Service

While the #EndSars protest is still ongoing and developing in Nigeria, MTN NG introduced WhoDeyCall service to allow customers know who their caller is before picking a call. This feature is similar to what popular phone app Truecaller already offers but better.

MTN WhoDeyCall services

MTN WhoDeyCall is a new service that reveals the identity (Name) of a person calling you before you answer the call. Like TrueCaller, WhoDeyCall displays the name of the in a pop-up message.

MTN WhoDeyCall service is somewhat better when compared to Truecaller because, unlike Truecaller which requires internet connectivity to function properly, WhoDeyCall works offline (it doesn’t require internet connectivity) and the name of the caller will still pop up even though you don’t have the said number stored on your phone.

Interestingly, you can also set a prefer name on the MTN WhoDeyCall service to display to other subscribers whenever you put a call through. You can call this service the best Truecaller offline alternative.

According to the company “Although the service is similar to Truecaller which is internet-based; WhoDeyCall? Service gives an edge to MTN customers as callers can be identified without the use of the internet and it works on all device types.”

Supported Smartphones

The MTN WhoDeyCall service works on all type of device including smartphones and non-enabled internet phones.

How to Activate MTN WhoDeyCall Services

You can easily activate WhoDeyCall service on your MTN line by dialing *5058# or via SMS using the opt-in keywords below:

Product NameValidityOpt InOpt OutSCFee
WhoDeyCall Daily1 daySC1Stop SC15058N5
WhoDeyCall Weekly7 daysSC2Stop SC25058N30
WhoDeyCall Monthly30 daysSC3Stop SC35058N50
WhoDeyCall Free7 daysFreeStop Free5058No (one off)

Note: The N0 free trial is one-off. Hence, users will be charged N30 per week on sending Free to 5058 again after the trial.

To update/modify your name on the service at no extra cost, text <NAME> <Space> <Preferred Name> to 5058.

Other Telecom Should Do The Same

MTN WhoDeyCall service is exclusive to MTN subscribers only and although it is a great development from MTN, it would be great to see the service work with other Telecom companies in Nigeria.

What do you think of this new service from MTN? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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