In this article, you’ll learn how to lock and unlock your computer using a USB Flash drive.

One of the ways in which you can secure your computer is setting a password/pin protection to prevent anyone from accessing your PC behind you. Password/pin protection are common security features on computers nowadays especially when you’re running the Windows 10 OS. Many modern computers also come with biometric lock features which seems to be more secure than the password and pin.

Majority of us already knows that we can set password, pin and fingerprint lock on our computer to protect our files and data from falling into the wrong hands’, however, not many of us know that we don’t have to type in our password, pin or place our fingers for biometric authentication to unlock our computer all the time. With a USB Flash drive, we can actually lock and unlock our computers easily, just by plugging and unplugging it from the device.

You’re not convinced this is possible right?

Well, read on to find out more on how you can lock and unlock your PC by inserting a USB Flash drive into your PC and unplugging it from your PC. This steps listed ahead is pretty simple and straight forward compared with the traditional methods, where you need to start typing your passwords/pins.

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How To Lock And Unlock Your PC Using A USB Flash Drvive

In this guide to lock and unlock PC with Flash drive, we’ll be making use of a tool called Predator. Predator locks your PC while you’re away even when windows sessions is still active when you remove the USB pen drive, it automatically disables the keyboard and mouse, and the screen darkens and when you come back to your PC and insert the USB pen drive, it restores all sessions.

Steps To Lock And Unlock PC Using A USB Flash Drive

1. Firstly we need to download and install Predator software on our PC. The program will be in zip format.

2. On installation, your will be asked to set a Password and also a Recovery key, insert the USB and click ok to continue

3. On the next window, you’ll need to choose Password and select the particular USB drive you want to use for the task.

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4. Your USB would be ready after that, and then you can make use of the preference windows to add more features.

5. Now each time you log on your PC just insert the USB and launch the software and continue with your task on the PC and after you’re done, remove it. Your computer will get automatically locked, and if you wanted to unlock, simply insert the USB back into your PC that’s all.


Similar software includes Rohos logon key, also easy to set up.

With this, you can now lock and unlock any computer using a USB Flash drive. Hope you like this post, don’t forget to share and leave a comment below.


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