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TechzByte is a blog in which we strive to bring the contemporary development information technology to our subscribers, and occasionally off tech handiest if we think our reader will gain from it. In the intervening time, we’re accepting guest articles from bloggers on the subsequent subjects (but we may take into account other topics regarding technology in case it’s a sponsored article).

  • Technology updates
  • blogging and SEO
  • Desktop or laptop solutions
  • Smartphones (Android, IOS, Blackberry)
  • PC tips and tricks

if you’re submitting a guest article to us to sell your products or service which also can consist of images and contact information please consider sponsored post.

1. We don’t accept spun articles and we’ll remove your article without notifying you if we later discover plagiarism.

2. You’re only allowed to add a link to your site inside the bio to your website and also your social profiles. We like authors with Google+ profiles.

3. We may also edit your post.

4. Your post need to be above 400 words

5. We encourage you to apply images to your post where vital

6. Any link to the article linking back to your website must be relevant to the article. We may get rid of it if we are not ok with it.

7. After publishing, the article is ours and might not appear everywhere else.

8. We will contact you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as we may additionally need to go through the post and do some background work on it to decide its authenticity

Also, if you’re a seo content author writing on behalf of a commercial website, please take into account sponsorship in place of guest posting.

Please, note that there’s a difference between guest posts and sponsored posts. Guest posts are usually written by other bloggers and sponsored posts are written by, or on behalf of, an organization to advertise a free or paid service. We may not accept posts written on behalf of your company or client except you agree it’s a sponsored post.

Crucial things to know:

We don’t accept any post that links to your website which might be inappropriate to our personal growth, this means that you can’t sell links to your clients out of your article

No affiliate links, no link selling, no link stuffing.

We reserve the right to edit your post if necessary

Interested, what should I Do?

Send an email to [email protected] or use our contact form with subject and content you wish to submit